Zohar Wallach   ·   Mixed Media Paintings

Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

When I create a new painting, the world around me vanishes and a new reality is formed out of multi-layering and colour.

Im interested in exploring depth, connecting visual essentials and examining the unknown through colour, texture and rhythm. I choose to pay close attention to minor details found everywhere, and to highlight overlooked elements that are usually taken for granted.

Every painting starts with the desire to reconnect with the primal beauty of mother earth, go back to basics and discover harmony within the most trivial things.

Patterns and shapes, geological forms, biological elements, colours and music all fascinate me as I try to find a mutual language between the different mediums and how they relate to the human form. My work is emotional and intuitive, and involves curiosity, wonder and delight. I work in a very physical manner, applying high levels of energy using my hands to mix the materials directly onto the canvas while moving constantly. Multi-layering is essential to my work as it signifies life, structure, time and change.

As I concentrate on repetitive, methodical movements in creating specific layers; only to peel and distress each one of them, I dont know where the process will carry me. The structure underneath my fingers takes control and functions as a living being, as the layers blend into each other naturally while forming texture, depth and meaning. The correspondence between the art piece and the viewer is an interesting, independent issue as so much of the impact of the painting depends upon the personal experience each person brings to the painting. The ongoing visual experience for the viewer is as different as the details, shapes and colours that emerge through the many levels of layers. This results in making the interaction alive and changing every time one looks at the painting. I like the seemingly chance creating of the unexpected. In my creative experience, I find myself feeling obligated to give new expression to the obvious by dealing with context without any simple answers.